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Gas Vs. Diesel Engines

Gas Vs Diesel Cars and Trucks


If you are planning to buy a new car, you may really get confused by the variety of options available for new cars and other vehicles these days. Along with their brands and models, one more thing you should consider is the type of engine for your vehicle - diesel engine or gas engine. You may wonder about the difference between these two types of engines and which one suits you better. Which one is more beneficial than other? How they differ in performance and cost?

We have the answers to your questions here. By going through these various factors, you can take an informed decision about choosing a gas engine vehicle or a diesel engine vehicle. This discussion applies to both new and used cars from Japan. If you are planning to buy a used truck, you should consider importing second hand trucks from Japan, as these trucks have better mileage, durability and efficiency.

Cost - Gas Vs Diesel Vehicles

When you consider cost of fuel, obviously, diesel is costlier than gas. Initial cost for diesel engine is $7000 to $10000 or even more compared to gas. Also the cost depends on what type of class your truck is and who is its manufacturer.

On the other hand, diesel engines are good in performance and they can provide great longevity and durability. Also diesel engines can make your vehicle capable running for lower long term operational cost.

Engine Performance – Gas Vs Diesel Cars

Engine performance is based on two things; one is power and second is torque. More the power, more the torque required. When your car accelerate swiftly, its performance is good. Diesel engines are mainly focused on torque, so they run efficiently but accelerate slowly compared to gas engines.

The other side says, diesel engines are more powerful and they are used in vehicles which are used to pull heavy loads. However, gas engine vehicles can be used only for travelling, like a city ride.

Engine Safety – Gas Vs Diesel Engine

Though diesel fuel flames out even in open air, it is very less explosive than gas. Also diesel doesn’t create a flammable vapor. This means, diesel engine will never vapor lock. Also diesel engines are more fuel efficient and their efficiency is constant compared to the random nature of gas engine that may often use more fuel for getting less power.

Fuel Efficiency – Gas Vs Diesel Vehicles

Regarding efficiency, diesel engines win over the gas engines. If you want an engine with long term efficiency then you must choose the diesel engine as it will help you saving money over the lifespan of engine. Diesel engines can make 20 to 30percent less fuel consumption adding up your savings. Also diesel engine has longer life than that of gas engine. Diesel engine can run for around 350000 miles before it need a restore, whereas gas engine can run only for 120000 miles. For short term benefits, gas engine is good option for you.

Choosing between Gas Vs Diesel Engine

Finally, the environmental benefits of diesel make it winner in the debate. Diesel engines produce minimum carbon monoxide that helps making a healthier planet as there is less effect of hazardous gases on atmosphere. But gas engines also produce same amount of carbon products so there is no comparison between the diesel and gas considering this aspect. Thus, there are few advantages of diesel regarding vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency while there are other aspects in which gas engines are superior. So, the choice is yours, whether to choose a diesel or gas engine vehicles, depending on what kind of service you want from your vehicle.